Travelling with a Minor

Every once in a while we have to talk about something serious here :).  Today it is travelling with a minor.  Specifically when both parents are not going to be on the trip.  If you are a friend taking another friend’s child, a grandparent taking a grandchild, or a dad taking the kids on vacation while mom stays home and has a spa weekend with the girls… there are specific precautions that can be taken to avoid any issues.

There are two major items you should have on hand in case of emergency.

1) If travelling internationally, you should have a notarized letter rom the parent/parents/guardian stating that you have permission to take their child out of the country.

2) No matter if you are going internationally or just going to the next state, you should always have a notarized letter stating that you are permitted to make emergency medical decisions for the child.

It’s a good idea to check the websites for the specific company you are travelling with to ensure that you follow their rules.  If you can’t find the information… Call your travel agent!!!  🙂

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