Wedding Wednesday – Destination Wedding Favors

In 2 months I will be in Mexico.  It will be the day after I marry the love of my life.  The yin to my yang.  If we don’t kill each other first that is.  It is totally true what they say about how stressful weddings are.  Every once in a while I ask myself “Self… You do realize this is just one weekend right?”.  And I do.  I haven’t been a crazy lady for 12 months.  Just the last couple of weeks when I realized how many details weren’t taken care of, and that I still have not reached my fitness goals, and that I let life get completely in the way of my enjoying my wedding planning!

So this weeks major decision was wedding favors.  What do you give people that they won’t leave on the tables, leave in their rooms, or throw out when they get home?  What do you give people that don’t become dust collectors and show that you really do appreciate them coming all the way to Mexico to share in your wedding weekend?  What I say from here on is no reflection on anyone who reads this.  I love the wine bottle stopper that I got at my brother’s wedding and I use it all the time!  This is all about my personality.

I couldn’t just give them a little goodie on the table.  I thought about really adorable adirondack chairs that are candle holders and place card holders, but even that didn’t work out in my mind.  And of course the ones I wanted were discontinued.

So in place of wedding favors at the party, I am doing Welcome Bags in each room.  I can’t write out exactly what I’m putting in them because it is a surprise, but there will be some practical information, some practical goodies, and hopefully some really cute goodies in there just for fun!  Since some of my readers I will definitely do a follow-up blog week after my wedding which will divulge all of my pictures and secrets 🙂

In the meantime, I have seen some very cute and creative things that brides have done for their guests to let them know they are appreciated.  I have had a couple do luggage tags with the guests’ information.  The front of the luggage tag has been the logo or theme of their wedding.  Welcome bags are popular.  I have seen travel diaries for people to record their memories of their trip.  Another favorite would be a photo album for them to keep the pictures they take.

Picture from Wedding Favors Unlimited

I’d definitely like input on this for future brides who ask for advice!  Today we have TWO questions!

What are some of the best favors you have received at weddings?

What would you like to get in a welcome bag at a Destination Wedding?


  1. I got a pourer for alcohol bottles once and we still use that. In the goodie bag a few puzzles to while away time while waiting for a partner or roommate to get ready

  2. I think the best favor would be a piece of something local….local little cerveza bottles, perhaps with a label for your wedding – they go great as a little vase when the alcohol is gone.

    for welcome bags – usually done for out of towners for their travel – you can put in local maps, a pair of flips for the guests with a personalized bottom, with tissue (everyone needs tissue at a wedding) you can put in bottles of water with a personalized label – seems good for Mexico 🙂 and/or a bottle of your favorite liquor or wine….

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