The Gathering

As many of you know from following me last year, my time in Ireland was pure magic.  Not Disney magic or pixie magic, but the kind of magic that stays with you forever and always makes you yearn to go back in time.  My co-worker Roe had a very similar experience and feeling.  We have shared our love of Ireland with anyone who would listen.

Recently she let me in on a very exciting event that will be going on next year in Ireland.  This event is called The Gathering.  This is a chance for everyone to feel the magic that we felt!

The beautiful lands

The Gathering will be country-wide, year long and big. It will bring home, and bring together. It will reach out and reunite. From tea parties to street parties, it’ll touch every town and county in Ireland.  Actor Pierce Brosnan says 2013 will be a year where we “celebrate what it is to be Irish”.

Every county in Ireland will be involved!  If you are Irish, find your roots.  If you aren’t Irish, enjoy their warm hospitality,

Here is an brief schedule of events:

  • January – Temple Bar TradFest in Dublin
  • May – Cork International Choral Festival
    Great Limerick Run
  • June – Bloom – five days of flowers and fun in Dublin
    International Quilt Festival in Galway
  • July – Galway Arts Festival
  • August – Dublin Horse Show
  • September – Dublin Theatre Festival
  • October – Guinness Cork Jazz Festival
  • Year-round – Visit your Irish roots on a personally-designed genealogy tour. Decide which areas you want to visit, and we’ll help arrange your trip.

What event do YOU want to experience?

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