My Wedding – Azul Beach for Weddings

There is no doubt in my mind, and with no hesitation I would recommend Azul Beach Hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico.  In the past 4 months I have had not only my own wedding at this hotel, but I  also planned  one for a client.  Both weddings were a COMPLETE success!  As with every event, there were minor snafus, but nothing so major that it over-shadowed even a hint of the happiness we felt.

The Hotel – The hotel is small and intimate.  There are only 148 suites on property.  There are 5 restaurants and 3 bars.  With everything included, no one had anything to worry about!  I’ll tell you about the restaurants in another post soon!  Because it is so small, all of the staff know who you are and no place is very far away (which is good because I had my bridesmaids running around like chickens with their heads cut off!)

Pre-wedding coordinator – Elizabeth was incredible.  She helped me make sure that I had all of my ducks in a row and everything I needed was planned for.  I could call or email her with any questions or requests.  She seemed genuinely excited for my wedding as well!

This is NOT my wedding. But it was beautiful and so we took a picture of it!

On-site wedding staff – AMAZING!  We met when I checked in and scheduled our appointment for the next day.  This is where we went over all of the details that I had chosen with Elizabeth (the pre-wedding coordinator) and made any changes or additions that I wanted to make.  After that it was all fun and games for me.  Every day I’d see Miroslava.  She would come on the beach and check with me that everything was ok and make sure I didn’t need anything.  Daphne was also on hand to make sure everything was smooth as silk.  When my flowers were delivered and weren’t exactly what I had envisioned, Daphne went and found me flowers to help make it more to my desire!  They made sure the dress was set up in my room while I was getting my hair and makeup done in the salon.  They directed the guests and wedding parties to make sure everyone was where they needed to be.  Such WONDERFUL people to have helping you make your day special 🙂

The staff – We were definitely a little rowdy and may have been shushed by the staff once or twice while we were swimming in the swim-up pools after hours, but over-all, they were amazing to us!  They even brought us pizza and desserts right after shushing us!  It was so funny!!!  The staff was more than accommodating.  The beach butlers never left my groups drinks empty.  You could always hear someone shouting out their next drink order!

We all loved the Beach Butlers!


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