Huis Koning – Our Brugge Bed and Breakfast

View from Huis Koning
View from our window at Huis Koning (Tripadvisors #1 rated B&B in Brugges)

We’ve just boarded the train from Brugge to Amsterdam. I actually teared up a little as we left our bed and breakfast. It was such a lovely place! I’m going to tell you a little bit about it before I close my eyes and enjoy the very comfortable seat on our train ride!!

The bed and breakfast was a quaint and beautiful townhouse very near the heart of Brugge. We were less than a 10 minute walk to all three main town squares. Since most of the time we were walking around aimlessly, this was a very convenient place to stop for a restroom break!

View from Huis Koning2

When we checked in, Lynn graciously gave us a hot beverage and showed us places of interest on the map while Peter took our luggage to our room. We used that map constantly!

Our room was incredible. It wasn’t the biggest room we have ever stayed in, but Lynn and Peter warned us about it. I will say that it is the only room I ever want at Huis Koning. We had the most wonderful view of the canal behind the house. Each morning I woke up and just stared around us. The bathroom is also cool! The tiles on the walls and floor are imported and beautiful. The shower has two showerheads, just like our hotel in Mexico; there is a rain shower head as well as a stick shower head. WONDERFUL!!!
hot chocolate
Each morning Lynn provides a breakfast that made me want to weep with joy! There was really really real hot chocolate (made my swirling a chocolate in hot milk until it melted completely)… no powdered stuff here!! There were fresh sliced meats, cheeses, homemade breads, marmalades that Lynn’s mother makes, yogurts, fruit salad cut fresh each morning (I can tell because one of my biggest pet peeves is fruit salad where the tastes start to blend together…then everything just tastes like oranges and grapefruit!), as well as musli to mix in with the yogurt.

Tea and coffee are always available as is a plate of pastries with a very Alice in Wonderland sign “Take Me”. I can’t even explain how much the morning breakfast was the perfect start to the day! On the one day we were going to miss breakfast, we were pleasantly surprised when she packed us up a wonderful breakfast in a “take-away bag”. It was so sweet and we ate like kings on the train!

Every evening when we returned to our room there was another treat waiting for us. The first day was an apple muffin. The second day there was a sign saying to check the fridge for a chocolate mousse (you haven’t lived until you have eaten a chocolate mousse in Brugge (by the way, I don’t normally even LIKE mousse). The third night there was mince pies. When we checked in, as congratulation, Lynn and Peter put a bottle of cherry beer in our room with a very sweet note.

Bell tower over brugges market square
The bell tower over Brugges market square. Simply gorgeous! We climbed the 366 stairs.

Everything they did was perfect. They were amazing hosts and we have sworn to each other that every time we go to Brugge, this is where we plan to stay.

It’s time for me to sign off now. More blogs to follow as I find the time!!! 🙂 Loving Europe so far!!

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