More thoughts on our fantastic river cruise

Hey all!  Happy Monday!  Just a few more thoughts on our fantastic river cruise before I move on to the rest of our trip :-).

I did check on the Internet and the TV was even better than the wifi!  Perfect!

The food is also pretty good.  There is definitely no shortage of eats!  Early risers breakfast, breakfast, late risers breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner… often they will do special things onboard which are specific to the region you are and will include even more food or drinks!  There are two machines on board for coffee, tea and specialty coffees all the time.  There is also hot chocolate packets (I use the specialty coffee machines to make my hot cocoa with steamed milk and it is super yummy).  Soda, beer and wine are all free with dinner.  They use local wines as often as possible and they just keep topping it off!  I can tell you that the nights through Germany I have been more than a little tipsy!

Unlike an ocean cruise, there is no major entertainment.  There is a musician, ours’ name is Miroslav, who will play during afternoon tea and in the evenings.  In some cities they have brought local entertainment on board.  We had a trio of musicians from Amsterdam play the evening we departed and there was local entertainment in Coblenz, but we were out walking around and didn’t get to enjoy him.  Other than that, we have read books and magazines, we have chatted with other passengers that we have met, and Danny has used the hot tub on the Sun Deck twice.

Your cruise manager is the person in charge of everything.  Ours’ name is Rolf.  He is the absolute nicest guy!  He gives a daily “port talk” where he goes over everything important for the next day.  When we ran in to the issue where we might not be able to sail on to our next ports, he is the one who kept us all informed and content.  As with every client that I speak to after their river cruises, we have decided that our cruise director is the best and that we want to take him home with us!

Would I recommend a river cruise to everyone?  Probably not.  I would say that if you are looking for something different, if you want to see a region of the world accessible by river, and you don’t want to pack and unpack… yes.  A river cruise is a great idea! Would I recommend AMA?  Of course!

More to come soon :-). Have a wonderful day!

ama crew

ama party

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  1. Delightful post.Enjoy your cruise and the delicious food.l just made reservation for a cruise to Alaska this coming June,2013.Wishing you happy new year.California time now is 11:30 AM.Jalal

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