National Hot Pastrami Day

Happy Monday!  And Happy National Hot Pastrami Day!  I am an avid Hungry Girl follower 🙂  She has the best healthy recipes and other really fun information.  Today I saw that it is National Hot Pastrami day (these are the fun and wonderfully useless facts I find all over the place!) so I was inspired to find out where to get the BEST deli sandwiches in the US 🙂  Here is Lonely Planets top delis in the USA, with a small review of each!


Katz’s Delicatessen



Though visitors won’t find many remnants of the classic, old-world-­Jewish Lower East Side dining scene, there are a few stellar holdouts, among them the famous Katz’s Delicatessen, where Meg Ryan faked her famous orgasm in the 1989 Hollywood flickWhen Harry Met Sally, and where, if you love classic deli grub like pastrami and salami on rye, it just might have the same effect on you.

Berkeley Bowl

A Berkeley institution since 1977, the Berkeley Bowl got its name from its original location in a former bowling alley. Its narrow aisles offer the absolute best and worst of Berkeley: produce, deli goods, wines and organic dry goods of the very highest quality threaten to topple off the shelves, while incredibly cranky and arrogant shoppers try to navigate oversize carts through the gridlock.

The self-centered rudeness amidst piles of celery and bulk granola bins can be exasperating and at times downright laughable. (Yoga, so popular in Berkeley, doesn’t seem to put people in a positive mindset for the Bowl.) Get a picnic lunch here (weekdays, well ahead of the dinner rush, are relatively sane) and escape with it to Tilden Regional Park or the Berkeley Marina.


Diamond Head Market & Grill

Fast-food for an upscale neighborhood, this takeaway counter and deli market feeds families who don’t want to heat up the kitchen as well as career bachelors with healthy versions of plate lunches. The salmon plate gets an approving nod from others in line and there are picnic tables beside the parking lot for immediate consumption. In the market, you can stock up on salads and picnic supplies.



Despite what you may hear, Mother’s isn’t the best po’boy around, but it did invent the debris po’boy (‘debris’ being the bits of roast beef that fall into the gravy and get all soft and lovely) and serves the justifiably famous Ferdi Special, loaded up with ham, roast beef and debris. Breakfast is brilliantly done and served in ponderously enormous portions.


Kenny & Zuke’s

Portland takes on New York in this traditional Jewish-style deli next to the Ace Hotel, where the pièce de résistance is – surprise, surprise – the hand-sliced pastrami (cured for five days, smoked for 10 and steamed for three). Try the classic pastrami on rye, and leave room for a blintz, latke or formidable dessert.


Carol’s Main Street Café

If you are self-catering, a great place for picnic fixings is Carol’s Main Street Café – those in the know come for turkey specials on Monday and Friday, tacos on Wednesday and hamburgers on Thursday. Or you can explore delectables from an amazing variety of gourmet hot and salad dishes sold by the pound.


Waters Cafe

Here’s a rarity: well-prepared, good value food at a museum cafe! Homemade soups and baguette sandwiches are some of the offerings at the elegant Waters Cafe, nestled in a courtyard overlooking the sculpture garden of the San Diego Museum of Art.


Down to Earth Natural Foods

Honolulu’s largest natural-foods supermarket has a small sandwich and salad café with lots of vegetarian options. The grocery section has a decent selection of local and organic produce including Hawaii’s tasty papaya and apple bananas.



If you want to eat outside on a sunny day, grab a sandwich from Ratto’s, a vintage Oakland grocery (since 1897) with a deli counter that attracts a devoted lunch crowd.


Bette’s Oceanview Diner

The diner food is fresh and well-prepared at this hugely popular spot. Table waits can be long, but you can opt to take out from the adjacent deli counter.


Jewish Mother

Get your nosh on here with packed deli sandwiches, ‘penicillin soup’ (chicken and matzo ball) and monster-sized pie. Excellent live music staged nightly.


AC Value Center

In its grocery department there is a deli, an Eastern counter and even a seating area for when your money runs out before your plane arrives.


d’ Bronx

d’ Bronx is a classic deli with 50 whopping hot and cold sandwiches to choose from, though the shining star is the crispy pizza.


Cooks Fresh Market

Far and away the best deli Downtown, the attention to quality is obvious in their take-away salads and sandwiches, selection of cheeses and expert pastries. Some gourmet cooking staples and bulk selection complete the picture, making an ideal stop for supplies if you‘re picnicking in the park or heading out of town.  Though mostly for take out, there are a few tables to eat inside and a small sidewalk patio. The partner team running the place, Ed and Kristi Janos, are some of Denver’s most highly credentialed chefs.



I just got so hungry!!!  Too bad it’s only 10am and too soon for lunch!!!

What is YOUR favorite place for a deli sandwich??

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