Disney Princess Half Marathon

I did it!

I survived my first half marathon!

I must say, I expected it to be very different than it was 😉  I was a little surprised that at every mile marker, there was a photo op with different Disney characters!  It was way more fun than I thought it would be 🙂

I didn’t love waking up at 3:00 in the morning in order to get over to the race, but it was even less fun making my poor husband get up with me just to drive me over to the race and then go back to the hotel to sleep for another 5 hours since I wouldn’t be finishing the race till after 10am!  Tip of the day… if you plan on doing the Disney Princess Half Marathon and staying in a non-Disney property… have someone drop you at the Swan hotel.  Take the bus.  Don’t make someone sit in that traffic jam… that’s just mean!

22,500 women and men (yes there were WAY more women than men, but I will never say anything disparaging against the men.  I even saw some men wearing skirts and tutus in solidarity with their women!)  made the journey from the parking lot to their corrals A-H (yes… I was in H).  We waited for our own fairy godmother to release us and off we ran.  From EPCOT parking lot to the Magic Kingdom.  Down Main Street and around Tomorrowland.  Around Fantasyland.  And the moment I was waiting for…. Through Cinderella’s Castle!  (In my head this part was better… in reality it was more like a traffic jam of rubberneckers who had never seen mosaic walls before…).  I then raced back to EPCOT to meet up with my wonderful cheering squad (thank you so much Danny, Melissa and Andrew!)

When I finished I swore I would never put my running shoes back on.  My knees and ankles gave up and I wanted to cry.  And then those ouchies stopped hurting and I find myself planning my next Half Marathon.  The EPCOT Food and Wine Half Marathon.  Stay Tuned to see how that goes!

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