Some Great South Florida Spas


I just signed myself up for a day at the spa for two weeks from now (thank you Alyssa for convincing me that this is a good idea) 🙂  I’m so excited!  I haven’t even given myself a pedicure since my half marathon.  So I’m paying myself with interest!  My day at the Maui Spa in Boca Raton is going to look like this:

VIP Spa Treatment
Aromatherapy Foot Soak in the Kipahulu Relaxation Room
The Hana Experience: Aromatherapy steam room, Infrared sauna, The Maui Swiss Shower,       waterfall Deluge and Maui cold plunge pool
Maui Signature Massage
Maui Spa Pedicure
Spa Lunch on the rooftop

It inspires me to tell you about some other great spas in the South Florida area 🙂

Acqualina Spa at the Acqualina Resort and Spa on the Beach.  AQ050 woman-massage-relax

Some of their special treatments include:

Another personal favorite is a spa hotel!   Canyon Ranch in Miami Beach is amazing!  I’ll actually be going to spend a day there so will write a post with pictures after that (some time in April I think).  For now, just a little about their spa…

Their signature experience is called Aquavana Experience.  In this area you find:MB-aquavana-465x200

An open-air rooftop HydroSpa with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. Enhanced with bubbling jets, contoured seats and small pressure-point river pebbles to relax the body.

Cleanse the body in a scented steam room, where the soothing powers of steam are enhanced by infusions of aromatic essential oils, refracted colored light, and a large, clear quartz crystal.

Enjoy multi-sensory cooling after exposure to heat. Select from three storm shower experiences: Atlantic Storm, Caribbean Monsoon and Polar Mist.

A classic Finnish sauna lined with fragrant woods. Dry heat from a traditional stove with heated stones purifies the body as it relaxes mind and body.

Relax completely while bathing the feet in cool or warm (never hot) water. Equalize body temperature by bathing the feet in warm water; directly after a thermal cabin you can use cool water.

A warm ceramic room with heated semi-private seating niches and a starlit ceiling. The soft warmth of the gentle humidity is infused with fresh herbs warmed over a bed of heated rocks. This environment allows for a slow, gentle warming of the body to relax the muscles and improve the purification and detoxification process.

The HydroSpa incorporates a variety of massage fountains and body jets, providing gentle massage to the body at the optimal temperature for rebalancing and releasing tension.

Cool air and three Arctic Mist experiences – menthol, mint and eucalyptus – are enhanced by twinkling fiber optics. The cool, misty air cools the lungs, and consequently the blood, from within.

Radiant-heated loungers designed to relax muscles between thermal experiences surround the

What is your favorite day spa or hotel spa in South Florida?



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