Walk On, Roll Off – no more

Your dilemma.  You get on a cruise ship where they aren’t charging you for anything that you eat.  You go up to the buffet and eat until your seams are going to explode.  And now you feel guilty.  How do you enjoy your vacation without gaining weight?!

Cruise lines are getting better about having creative ways to get everyone moving.  All of the ships offer fitness centers with trainers.  Most of the cruises offer classes in the gyms.  A lot of the cruises also coordinate charity events for guests to participate in, like Seadream Yacht Club’s Steps For Charity.

The most recent craze on board ships seems to be Zumba!  Norwegian Cruise Lines were just written up in the Sun Sentinel for adding their Zumba program onboard.  I also saw it when I was on the Celebrity Reflection in December.

I’d like to think I look JUST like her when I do Zumba… But then it might just be sweat induced delusions!

I don’t care what ship I am on… I’m going to eat, drink, be merry and SHAKE MY BOOTY!!!

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