Cooking On Vacation

There is a joke in my world that my husband does all of the cooking.  He and our friend Layne are my two favorite chefs in the world!  Last time we were with Layne they said something about my not cooking that I might have taken as a challenge!  So I cooked dinner last night.  Not only did my husband LOVE dinner.  He went back for seconds.  Then he pretended to drop the lid for the leftovers on the floor and said “oops.  I dropped the lid on the floor.  Now I must eat the rest.” and had thirds.  I’d like to say… Mission Accomplished!  Now I just have to make that meal for her.  Soon.  Very soon!

And since everything I do and think of eventually comes back to travel, I started thinking of all of the great cooking classes I would like to take in Europe!

In Paris we were going to do a dessert cooking class.  We were going to learn to make macaroons.  That would have been amazing.  YUM!  The only problem is that we went for New Years and so there were no classes going.  Boooooo 😦 PGmacpyramid

Also in France I would have LOVED to do one of the classes about baguettes, pastries, and croissants!

In Italy I’d love to do a pizza making class or just an olive oil tasting!  They have gelato making classes too!  You can actually stay in a villa in Tuscany and take cooking classes that are offered right there :).pizza cooking

Tell me your great food story from your travels!

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