US Airways Customer Service?

Oh friends… I know it has been a while since I have written and I am SO sorry that my first post is not a happy one.  

The family this references was on a flight from Ft Lauderdale to Philly and then connecting to a flight to Israel.  Three major things went wrong on this flight:

1)  We were not advised of a schedule change and so they missed their flight from Ft. Lauderdale.  They had to be re-accomodated on a flight from Miami and had to rush to the Miami airport to catch that flight and weren’t sure they would make their flight to Israel that night.

2)  This family has three small children.  When they arrived at the airplane to Israel, their seat assignments were not there and the children were spread throughout the plane.  The mother had to beg and argue with people on the plane to get the children sitting with her.

3)  The special meals that I requested for the mother and the three children were not on the plane.  The mother keeps kosher and I had requested kids’ meals for the children.  (Not for nothing, I called three separate times to confirm these meals)

By the time they arrived in Israel I was sure this poor family was going to have my head.  I sent a letter to US Airways about the issues.  I’m pasting their response to me below.  Personally, I couldn’t be more disappointed.



Dear Ms. Fugere:

Thank you for contacting Customer Relations. I appreciate responding to you on behalf of our mutual clients, the (name deleted for privacy)’s.

I apologize the passengers were not notified when we changed the schedule on their flight to Philadelphia. We always do our best to notify passengers and their travel agencies in advance of the travel date. While I certainly understand your frustration, schedule changes like this are common for all airlines. To prevent this from happening again, we recommend the travel agent and the passengers to please call our Reservations Department to verify your itinerary 24 hours before traveling.

I have forwarded your concerns to our Senior Management team because we care about your views as our customer. Your feedback is important and will help us to make positive changes to our policies and procedures.

I’m sorry the advanced seat assignment you were given was not the seat received at the time of the departure. I understand your frustration, as seating arrangements are important to our customers. There are several possibilities for why this happened, such as a change in aircraft, a special needs customer or a child traveling alone. For these reasons, we cannot guarantee specific seats will be available on day of departure. We are sorry for the inconvenience this caused the (name deleted for privacy)’s.

Additionally, I’m sorry the (name deleted for privacy) family didn’t get the meals you ordered on their flights. We know how important our InFlight meal service is to our passenger’s overall opinion of US Airways. Your comments matter to US and will be shared with our Catering Manager.

Mrs. Fugere, we understand the disappointment our mutual clients have with their most recent flight; however we are unable to offer any compensation regarding these issues. We are sorry for any inconvenience they experienced. We know you have many choices when it comes to traveling. Thank you for choosing US Airways.


Sally Ming
Representative, Customer Relations
US Airways Corporate Office

Case: US-13FUGERE-G91K12-D2E

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