Welcome to the Big Easy

?????????????   CHRIS GRANGERThere is no other place on earth like this.  The home of some of the most interesting food on earth.  The birthplace of Jazz.  Nola (as it is affectionately called by many of the natives) has been built and rebuilt so many times throughout history that it is hard to keep track, but they are proud of their past and excited about their future!lg_new-orleans_0404
No matter when you come to New Orleans there is something wonderful to see and do.  Here are some of the major events throughout the year.
Mardi Gras – everyone knows Mardi Gras!  It’s a time of music, parades, drinking, dancing, and fun!  For first timers, Mardi Gras can be somewhat complicated to grasp.  It’s even on a different day each year.  This is due to the religious origins of the festival.  Mardi Gras is actually scheduled each year for 46 days before Easter.  Who knew!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
There are so many festivals for everyone.  For music lovers, there is Soul Fest,  Jazz Fest, Voodoo music experience, French Quarter festival.  For foodies there are: Oyster Festival, Louisiana Seafood Festival, and Coolinary New Orleans.  For literary lovers there is the New Orleans literary Festival.  For movie buffs there is the New Orleans Film Festival.lg_pat-garin-cafe-du-monde
These are all just to name a few.  There are hundreds of other festivals, fairs, and events for people to enjoy!  Be sure to check out a calendar before you come down to the Big Easy!
What was your favorite festival experience in New Orleans?

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