Why Choose an All-Inclusive Resort?

Travelers today have more options available to them than ever before when selecting accommodations for their vacation. Perhaps a family-friendly hotel, or an adults-only resort? An island getaway or a big city adventure? One important option to consider is deciding if an all-inclusive resort is right for you. All Inclusive resorts have an increasing number of amazing amenities to offer their guests, but there are also many myths about all-inclusive properties that need busting. Below are 5 great reasons to choose an all-inclusive resort on your next vacation.

At an all-inclusive resort you don’t have to worry about the cost of alcohol because it’s included! Cheers!

Reason #1 : Dining Options

One of the best parts of any vacation is discovering new and exciting cuisine. One common concern travelers have when choosing an all-inclusive property is that the dining options will be limited, or the meals will be cookie-cutter. This myth might have some merit in the past, but those concerns have definitely been heard by hoteliers. Many luxury properties take pride in their cuisine and even boast the credentials of their top chefs. For example, the all-inclusive resort, The BodyHoliday in Saint Lucia has received numerous accolades for its healthy cuisine which only serving fresh and locally sourced food. At Paradisus Resorts, you’ll enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime culinary delight at Passion or Tempo by Martin Berasategui. Run by one of the world’s finest chefs, winner of 7 Michelin stars,


Reason #2 : Plenty to Do

How much to do (or not to do!) is a personal travel preference. To some, the ideal vacation is to lie in a hammock on the beach for a whole week, while others would be bored after just one day. All-Inclusive properties provide an opportunity to do as much (or as little) as you’d like. Many properties offer a resort credit for popular activities. If these are excursions you’d likely do anyways, then choosing an all-inclusive resort just makes sense. If your idea of a perfect vacation is that week-long hammock on the beach, many resorts offer a spa resort credit as well. The key is to pick the all-inclusive that works best for you and your family. Many All Inclusive Resorts offer non-motorized sports and even golf at no additional cost. Sandals Resorts even features scuba diving at no additional cost.

Entertainment in the evenings is included
Entertainment in the evenings is included

Reason #3 : Personal Touch Services

Whether it’s your honeymoon or a celebration of a special occasion, you’ll want to make sure your vacation is everything you dreamed it would be. This can mean anything from a bottle of Champagne upon arrival, getting a last minute spa appointment, or special attention for a food allergy. Many luxury all-inclusive resorts are accustomed to providing this extra special personal service for their clientele. For example, Sandals Resorts offers a variety of room categories that include more “personal touch” amenities, even personal butler service


Reason #4 : No Hidden Costs

What’s included in the “All Inclusive” amenities is something resorts are adamant to make clear to their clientele. Many all-inclusive resorts will also offer a resort credit for additional activities and entertainment purposes. It’s important to understand that the resort credit does not include ALL possible activities. To avoid confusion, check with the hotel directly about what activities/amenities are included in the resort credit. The safest way to assure your all-inclusive vacation delivers everything you want; work with an experienced Travel Advisor who can suggest the best property for your needs.

Swim Up at the Jacuzzi Junior Suites

Reason #5 : All-Inclusive Budgeting

When budgeting for a vacation, oftentimes travelers only consider the rates for accommodations and airfare. The costs of meals, entertainment, and activities can add up quickly. One of the many benefits of choosing an all-inclusive property is that all these incidentals are already included in the room rate, making it easier to understand the real cost of your vacation. Some all-inclusive resorts also include a resort credit to be used for activities during your stay. Part of enjoying your vacation is not worrying about having an extra cocktail at dinner or the costs associated with taking the kids on a snorkeling excursion … this is where all-inclusive properties can really shine.

Whether you’re planning a honeymoon, family anniversary, or just a summer getaway, you’ll want to make sure your vacation is everything you dreamed it would be. There are many luxury all-inclusive resorts that provide an enjoyable (and unforgettable) experience for everyone in your party.

What is your favorite all-inclusive resort?

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