“Tricks” of the Trade from a rookie air traveler

As you know I love finding great articles and sharing them with you guys.  My theory is, if I find it interesting and informative, someone else might too!  So here is another great one that I found.

United US Airways

Written by: Nicholas Stauff

I recently (1.5 years ago) started a new job. This position requires quite a bit of travel and over the past year or so I learned a few simple tricks that might help out other newbie frequent air travelers. They are in no chronological order.

Be kind at all times. Thank the flight attendants as much as possible. Thank the Pilot after landing for the safe flight (especially when you get home). Sometimes I give the pilot a knuckle tap and it totally makes their day!

Always book your connections with a minimum of 60mins.

Try to get in the day before a huge meeting.

If you feel like talking, ask nicely if your neighbor would like to engage in a conversation. Don’t assume they would like to.

If you are traveling alone offer to give up your seat so a family can sit next to each other.

Expect children to be loud. Most of them are probably going on vacation and they are excited! We were all loud when we were kids!

-Invest in a nice pair of headphones

Invest in nice carryon luggage that fits 2-3 days of your belongings and also fits nicely in the overhead.

Avoid bringing on smelly food. Just like your office, don’t be “that guy” who nukes leftover fish and smells up the place for the whole day.

Walk on the right side of the terminal. Any other way will interrupt the flow of foot traffic and you will look like a goof fighting oncoming pedestrians.

Do not scream at the baristas to get your coffee faster and that you might miss your flight. Most of them have been working since 4am and it is not their fault you decided to show up late.

Understand the TSA rules and be prepared for screening. Look like a pro and never get stopped and don’t hold up the line. If your airport allows it, apply for TSA Pre Check.

Be loyal! To a hotel brand, parking lot, rental car, airline, national coffee chain, etc. Loyalty is proven to make you feel more comfortable and it saves time. Plus nothing is sweeter than a free weekend getaway, a complimentary upgrade, or a couple of free Joe’s when the points stack up!

Be active while on the road. Did you know that most hotels have a pretty sweet gym? Or you can buy single day passes to a local facility? By the look of seasoned road warriors it doesn’t look like it! I can preach all day about the benefits of exercise. Apply the same rules on the road.

-Last but not least! Be grateful for the existence of air travel! It is incredible that I can have breakfast in Milwaukee, have a lunch meeting in Nashville, and finish out the day with some drinks in Miami. Next time you are up in the air take a look outside. It is incredible that you are going 500+ miles an hour at 32,000 ft. all while drinking a cup of coffee and catching up on some emails.

What are some of your “tips” for air travelers?

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