Foods to Try in Vietnam

I was going to write about my awesome experience with National Car Rental today, but then I saw this in my email.  I am dedicating today’s blog to my best friend, on her Birthday, who is going to Vietnam on her Honeymoon!!!!  I hope you get to try ALL of these!!!!

The World According to Wu

5 Must Eats on the Vietnam Menu

Posted by Katrina Debono on Apr 23, 2015 11:00:00 AM

While not as common as Chinese food, any foodie will tell you that the flavors and tastes of Vietnamese are unrivaled. Here’s our picks of some regional must eats, a few you may have heard of and others probably not!

Pho, the noodle soup
It’s more than likely you’ve eaten pho, probably many times. It’s one of the most popular dishes all over Vietnam and on every Vietnamese menu here in the U.S. It’s a combination of rice noodles in broth with either beef or chicken. What makes pho different from your grandma’s chicken noodle soup is the fresh herbs served with it, from Vietnamese coriander to mint to sawtooth. If you haven’t tried Pho yet, put it on your list for the weekend!
Pho-Vietnam Vacation
Pho / ©permanently scatterbrained

Banh mi, the Vietnamese Sandwich
One of the more common Vietnamese dishes here in the West, you can also find banh mi carts all over Saigon. While there’s many variations, banh mi at its most basic consists of a crusty baguette stuffed with pork, various cold cuts, pate, mayonnaise and a selection of fresh veggies. Plus a handful of fresh chiles, optional.

banh-mi-Vietnam Vacation
Banh mi / ©jeffreyw

Op la, for breakfast
If your watching your carb intake, try Op la, a personal pan of eggs topped with meats and veggies. But it will be hard to resist the baguette on the side! This is a favorite breakfast dish and will keep you fueled for a day of sightseeing.
Op la

Bun bo Hue, the other noodle soup
Originating in the coastal town of Hue, bun bo Hue isn’t as common as Pho, but has something of a cult following. Beef based, spicy and bursting with flavor, bun bo Hue is usually a combo of rice noodles, slices of beef, a slab of either ox tail or pork knuckle, Vietnamese sausage with green veggies and onions.
Bun bo Hue / ©brownpau

Bun cha, more soup but different
This dish takes us to Hanoi and consists of a fresh bun, rice noodles and charcoal grilled pork sliders served with a sour soup and of course, a plate of herbs and veggies.
courtesy of dishesandplaces

Vietnamese menus are extensive and this is just a small taste of the incredible dishes that await you! What’s your favorite Vietnamese dish?


    1. That sounds wonderful!! Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos are all high on my bucket list! I hope when you get back you will come back to this post and tell me about some of your favorite foods you try!

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