10 Things to Do Before You Travel

I posted this a couple of years ago, but as I put together sets of documents for my clients I remember how important this information is and how many people still have questions before they travel!

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Thank you to independanttraveler.com for posting this important article.  When we put together documents, often people ask us for this very information!  Here you are 🙂  P.S. my thoughts are in purple!

10 Things to Do Before You Travel

Plan AheadAirfare, hotel accommodations and rental cars may be the holy trinity of travel preparation, but nailing down these aspects of your vacation is only the beginning of the trip planning process. If you want to achieve a smooth, headache-free trip (and who doesn’t?), taking care of essential tasks like researching activities at your destination, managing your finances and getting your home in order is key. Don’t leave home without accomplishing the following 10 tasks!

Contact the Kennel and/or House Sitter
Once you have a travel date, your first move should be to contact your pet kennel or house sitter (or any other trustworthy service) to guarantee availability. You may even want…

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