Our Beer Themed River Cruise – edition 2

On to the beer!!!  It’s why we were there after all 🙂 Oh wait.  One more observation before we go in to that… Wisconsonites…. boy oh boy can those people drink, and boy oh boy do they like it!  There were two separate large groups on board with us from Wisconsin and we had so much fun with them!  Saturday and Sunday were football days for them and so they FILLED the lounge to the hilt and kept the bar servers busy for sure.  We joked that those nights, the bar staff made more money than the captain 🙂

Oh my gosh I can’t believe I forgot to mention the lounge in my last post.  This was one of our favorite places!  This is where the coffee/latte/cappuccino/hot cocoa/tea machine was working over time to keep us all caffeinated!  Lauren and I even made time to sit and read books during one of the times we were sailing from one town to another.

Now the beer!  So they had a guy called the “Beer Pope” on-board with us for most of the sailing.  Click here for more information. He joined us at our first brewery tour in Vienna. He really is more than a beer enthusiast, a beer connoisseur, or a beer lover.  I would say that he is completely obsessed and passionate.  VERY eccentric :).  So he led some of the brewery tours, hosted a beer tasting in the lounge, and then narrated our beer pairing dinner.  I must say, the more he drank the longer the explanations seemed to get 😉

We did our first brewery tour in Vienna at the Ottakringer brewery.  This may be the best brewery tour we have ever taken.  First the Beer Pope walked us through the types of beer and the history of the area.  Then one of the employees took us for a tour!  We went through all of the steps of beer making.  After the tour there was another tasting in the microbrewery. We had a blast.  Dan tried to take a picture with a brewmaster but was informed that his glass was too empty and he would have to refill if he was going to get the picture :).  There was NO shortage of beer that tour!  I’m not a beer lover as I mentioned, but I did find a few that were pretty tasty.  Much more up my alley is the pretzel!  During the first beer tasting they had these pretzels (see the picture of me in heaven with the pretzel below) made with caraway seeds. Rye bread pretzels?!?!?  OMG.  I should have had like 5 of them, but restrained myself and only ate the one.

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Who am I kidding, I was on a pretzel tour, not a beer tour!  I was on a mission to find the best pretzel in Bavaria!  Ottakringer won, but check out some of the contestants! (Yes we had a lot of fun and yes, after a while my friends were wondering if I was going to stop trying every pretzel I saw.)

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Where was the best pretzel you have ever had?


  1. I think I have to agree that my favorite was at the Ottakringer brewery! Although it was at the brewery in Munich that I found a mustard that I couldn’t live without! (Me, the person who can’t even stand to get mustard on my fingers because it grosses me out) but now I have to order it online so I can find excuses to eat it!

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