Disney Does Special Dietary Needs!

A long time ago I posted this article and while looking back at my Disney blogs, I think it’s time to post it again! The reason I think it is time is because over the years, even I forget. We were just in Disney (kid free!!!!) two weeks ago and we forgot the cardinal rule of dietary restrictions… we forgot to ask if a dish was meat free. That grouper dish was the first taste of bacon Dan has had in YEARS and while it was delicious, it was also an important lesson. Don’t forget to ask!

Boca Express Travel

Happy Hump Day!  It’s Wedding Wednesday but sometimes I just have to diverge from my beaten path (I can’t even THINK about weddings this week!)  So I saw this and it really hit home for me.  Danny keeps kosher.  Since most people outside of the major cities don’t really understand what that is, we usually just tell people that he’s vegetarian.  Disney understands :).  I just saw this blog and had to share it with all of my friends (and friends of friends) who have special dietary requests.  It’s a really really long one so I am trying to cut it down a little for you (my notes will look like this):

Hidden Mickey!!

Vegetarian Dining at Disney

By: PAULAK      JUNE 12, 2012

Special dining requirements should not stop you from enjoying meals at the unique restaurants throughout Walt Disney World. If you have food allergies, are…

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