People to People

I am a passionate traveler.  l love planning itineraries, I love walking through random cities and getting lost, I love having experiences I couldn’t have in my own home town.  I also get around.  I’ve seen so many cool places and experienced so many cool things.  As I sit here on the plane to Nashville I have had a revelation.  I hear it all the time, but I finally get it.  It’s not always the place or the church or the synagogue or the museum that I’m going to remember.  Sometimes it’s the people that leave the biggest impression on me.

What happened today to bring this realization to me?  I woke up crazy early after very little sleep and all I wanted was to get through security and get my coffee.   Roe, a co-worker, beat me to the airport so when I got there she said, you have to check out the guy at Starbucks.  That was already pretty high on my to-do list so I went straight there.  And the line was FOREVER.  Three times longer than the line at security.  And normally I would have said… no way, and walked away.  But there was this guy behind the counter dancing and singing and engaging people. He was all joy and friendliness.  He asked every person’s name and said something nice to each and every person.  So I waited in a 40 minute line at Starbucks for my overpriced latte in order to enjoy every moment I could of his attitude.  He made my day!!!  Thank you Evans!!!!


And of course I’m writing about people and then I start to think of the other people I have met in my travels.  The B&B owners in Brugge who have officially become my favorite place to stay. The B&B owner in Ireland who sat with us at dinner and played Frisbee outside until it was too dark to play anymore.  My friends in Israel that hold a special place in my heart (it looks like I might get to see them next year which has me so excited!!!


Think about your past vacations or business trips.  Think about the people that you have met and have left an impression on you.


Who left the biggest impression on you?

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