What is Your Why?


My reason for travel is to experience new things.  In my home town I can’t zip-line through the trees or glide through the waves with dolphins beneath me.  In my home town I can’t learn about the history of self-playing musical instruments (who knew that would be interesting huh?!)  or drink wine in a cave in the vineyards along the Rhine.  I can’t climb high to the cliffs and stare down at the raging waters below.   The history of the world is told in museums all through the world and I can’t see them all in my home town.

Every home town is special for its own reasons.  Each have their own adventures and excitements and education, but the world is vast and filled with so much to see, do and learn that no one place can hold it all.  My reason for work is to make sure that people are able to do all of these things.  As easy as it would be to go on the internet and book a vacation somewhere, just like our hometowns, you can’t be everything to everyone.  Each and every person reading this blog has the ability to book a vacation.  Each person can go online and make a reservation.  But each of you have jobs, activities, family obligations that take time.  Unless you are staying close to home, you will be traveling to different time zones.  Something simple as being able to call the manager of the hotel you are visiting during their business hours while at your day job can become something extremely difficult.  My reason for work is making your reason for travel possible.

What is your reason?

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