The End

Another year is drawing to a close.  This brings me to a time of reflection and reminiscing. As I look back on 2016 I realize that while I took some great short trips, I really didn’t do a BIG trip like I usually do.  For me, that wasn’t so bad.  My business needed me, my clients needed me, and most of all, my family needed me.  The one bad thing is that it seriously hinders what I talk to you all about.  So I haven’t.  I’ve been absent yet again and didn’t even post most of my little tips and hints.  For that, I’m sorry!  Luckily, every new year is a new chance to do a good job.

My son is now almost three years old.  He’s gone from a teeny little thing with bird-like arms and legs to a 3 foot, 36 pound thing with an amazing personality and wit (and amazing ability to say just the right thing to get out of trouble!!).  To give you an idea of his mentality, earlier this week he saw some fireworks in the sky over someone’s house and screamed “Disney!”.  Since that day “mommy I want to go to Disney”, “mommy we go to Disney”, or my favorite was in the middle of a conversation with Dan about dinner that night “at DISNEY!”  Spoiled much ;-)!  To be fair to me, I am a Disney expert so we go more often than many people, but we do NOT go that often!  This year we were there three weekends (four if you count the weekend we left him with grandma to do a foodie Disney weekend without him).

Before 2017 gets in full swing, I’m going to do a few posts about my 2016 travels.  Promise (really… I’m setting them all up this morning!).

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