My First Time to LA!

In February I found myself invited to a conference outside of LA in Palos Verdes, California.  The resort area was STUNNING.  We stayed at Terranea Resort,, and I can’t say enough great things about the experience.  Of course since we were there for a conference I can say that I wish I had more time to myself to enjoy the amenities of the property, but what I did get to enjoy… top notch!

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They have everything from Rooms/suites, Villas, Casitas, and Bungalows.  We stayed in regular rooms, but did have an opportunity to visit a Bungalow and NEITHER were a disappointment.  The room was expansive.  I had a king bed, an oversized chair, a desk and chair and room to spare!  And the bed was sooooo comfortable!  There were nit-picky things that I could say about needing a little touching up on the paint or the soft goods, but honestly, I rarely even paid attention because I loved it so much.

Have you ever seen the Pacific Ocean?  I have been in the Atlantic more times than I can count, but the Pacific is something totally different.  Something very special.  I kept taking pictures from every angle trying to capture what made it different to me.  I have no idea.  Maybe it’s that there are rocks and cliffs which you don’t normally have either in Florida or the Caribbean.20160220_153839.jpg

But I didn’t ONLY go to this resort.  We ate in some pretty amazing restaurants too.  Roe might actually be the death of me when it comes to food!!!  So our first night on that we had free we met up with Roe’s son who lives in the area for dinner at Mastro’s Steakhouse,, for some out of this world food.  Seriously, try the butter cake.  I will say no more about this.  One other thing that stuck out when we were in the bar is that we ordered amaretto.  Usually that means we will get an ounce or two of amaretto with a glass of ice.  Nope, not here.  I was so impressed I took a picture of the FULL glass.  A very nice change from the usual.

Off the beaten path and a place mostly frequented by locals is PingTung,, and also totally amazing on a different level.  This is a very casual, friends meeting up with friends kind of place.  Try the Ramen here.  Or anything really, but I had the Ramen :).

For dessert (because there should always be dessert) we ended up back at the resort at a place called Mar’sel,  I can’t….  Honestly I can’t say enough about this place.  We didn’t go in the main restaurant, but sat near the bar in comfy chair with a small table.   Roe ordered the flourless chocolate cake and I ordered the white chocolate banana cremeux.  Have you ever eaten peanut butter snow?  You should put this on your bucket list (unless you are allergic…).  WOW!   **Disclaimer… we tried to get a good shot of the uneaten desserts, but some crazed ladies came by and devoured them while we considered it!

Fun food – Eat At Joe’s, .  We went for breakfast on the way to the airport.  If I had missed my plane I wouldn’t be surprised.  Not because of the wait, that wasn’t so bad.  It was the portions!  HUGE.  Seriously… look at the size of the silverware next to the plate!  Neither of us could finish, but I think we did our plates justice.  Also amazingly delicious.  Also a very local place.  We were so impressed!

We didn’t only eat, but that does seem to be the main focus when Roe and I travel 😉  She showed me around like a good tour guide though.  I saw Beverly Hills and all its unique houses through the car window.  We walked in the footsteps of Pretty Woman.  We drove past the Chinese Theater (thank you Roe for not getting out and walking around!).  Roe and I made sure to drive along the coast and stop every so often for an amazing view of the ocean.  Overall, this was one of my favorite whirlwind trips!

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