Kennedy Space Center

I live in Florida.  Most kids in Florida went to the Kennedy Space Center on some sort of school field trip or other, but since I moved here when I was in 7th grade, I missed that bit of excitement in my life.  In no way am I a space nut, or a history nut, or really any kind of nut that would have let me believe that this would be something that would really interest me.  So now I’m 35 and finally got there!  I can’t wait to go back.

I’m a very lucky person because I do quite a bit of traveling for my job.  Sometimes I get stuck in a hotel for 3 days and fly home, but sometimes I get to go out and do really amazing experiences.  This particular trip was a conference with the National Association of Career Travel Agents and the American Society of Travel Agents and was in Cocoa Beach.  They offered us an optional excursion to the Space Center on our last day.

**Helpful tip… Get there at 9am.  Don’t get there later.  Seriously, when we got there the parking lot was empty.  By the time we were in the front gates, it was mobbed.**

During our day at the Cape we learned a lot from our guide about the history of space travel.  We learned about the heroes who completed their missions, and those who gave their lives in search of a better tomorrow.  We even had their “lunch with an astronaut” experience.  I don’t recommend going for the food (though the buffet is abundant), but I would recommend going for the history.  You can find out which astronauts will be speaking a few months in advance here.  So we got to meet Fred Gregory.  What a life this man has had.  He went through pictures, gave anecdotes, and I’m sure at least one child in there was inspired to aim for the moon.  If I had been younger and didn’t have a small child at home, I wanted to go to space by the end of his talk!!!

My highlight was the shuttle exhibit where we saw the final resting place of the space shuttle Atlantis.  We also got to do a simulator training!  WOW.

I’ve been recommending a visit here since that day.  Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to step back in time and watch how history was made!!!


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