Holland America Koningsdam – The Ship

**This quickly went from a blog post to multiple, so here is the first** In November, the Holland America Line brought their newest ship to America.  The Koningsdam is a GORGEOUS midsize ship that holds only 2,650 passengers.  My last 6 or so cruises had been on the MEGA ships by Royal Caribbean that would hold up to 7,100 passengers on a full ship.  You can imagine that this was a VERY different experience for me!!!  No zip line? No Broadway show?  No pages and pages of activities to choose from each day?  Oy!!

First let me tell you that the Holland America Line is not for everyone.  They don’t claim to be or even want to be I think.  As a couple, I don’t know if this is even a line that Dan and I would choose again for our own vacation… unless there are no sea days.  Dan needs more to entertain him.  If you found me a deck chair for a week, I would be perfectly content to just lay and read, but that isn’t the way he operates.  Not that my way or his way are right, but they just are the way we are.

The ship is gorgeous with a big G.  The chandeliers, the color schemes, the chairs on the pool deck, all of it.  This picture I took sitting in my chair at dinner and laying all the way back to get a shot of the chandelier (I’m sure that looked classy!). 20161109_213230

Not the best photo ever, but it shows the attention to detail everywhere!  Here are a few other photographs from around the ship that I had.  **Disclaimer**  every picture from this trip was taken from my cell phone…

There was one part of this cruise that was far better than any I have been on.  The partnerships that Holland America has are second to none.  BBC Earth was my favorite.  Over the pool there is a giant movie screen that would have scrolling images from BBC Earth photographers and occasionally play a video shot by them.  In the theater one night was an awesome show about Antarctica.  The movie was showing all around us and the Holland America orchastra was playing the soundtrack.  It was very moving and at times hilarious (those adorable penguins!).  What you can’t see in this picture is that there area three of these screens that stretch all the way around the theater.  20161113_013249

Actually, so you can see what the theater looks like, here is a shot I took during another show that was also incredible.  It was about songs that were #1 on the charts.  20161110_204756

Another incredible partnership is with the Lincoln Center.  It’s the first time the name has been associated with a cruise line.  One evening we were sitting at the Scotch bar (I’ll tell you about this in another post) and listening to the incredible artists from the Lincoln Center performing in a string quartet.

There were other partnerships that I did not take advantage of, such as Windows 10 classes, and mixology classes, but I’ll leave some surprises for you to discover yourself!

Holland America is not your typical cruise line.  It is for the discerning guest looking for a more authentic experience.  There is no fluff here.  No belly flop contests, no hairy leg contests.  If you are the type of person who enjoys learning a little something and experiencing more mental stimulation, this is the cruise line for you!!!

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