Bon Vivant- A Telluride Food Experience!


If you don’t ski or snowboard, you may want to learn to simply go to this restaurant! Located in a secluded spot on top of the mountain in Telluride, Colorado, Bon Vivant will keep you wanting to come back for more.

Bon Vivant has a classic country French cuisine bistro, a full bar, and incredible views that you won’t find anywhere else. Nestled at nearly 12,000 feet, this magnificent restaurant offers more than just its views. The array of menu options will appease everyone, and just wait until you take that first bite.

They have the best French Onion soup.  And I am no newbie to French Onion soup. The perfection of flavors mixed with the scrumptious stone ground mustard crouton to top it off, is beyond words. Then there is the classic Croque Monsier and all of its perfection that by the time you realize the sandwich is gone you want to lick the mornay sauce right off the plate to maintain the taste in your mouth. As if all of that isn’t enough, to conclude the perfection that has succumbed your stomach, their crème brulee tastes like it is straight from the French food-Gods. You will savor every bite and hoping it never ends.

From start to finish, this restaurant is nothing short of perfection. No matter what you order from the menu you will never be disappointed. To top off the insanely unbelievable food, their staff is remarkable. They are always attentive and there to make you feel like VIP every time. A little insider tip- ask them for some cool Wafer style Bon Vivant sunglasses. They change the colors of the glasses every year, so you will want to come back again and again to collect your memorabilia.

How to get there- you will need to be a moderately good skier/snowboarder because the runs to get to Bon Vivant range from Blue Diamond to Double Black Diamond. While, I am not an expert skier, there are a few mild runs that you can chose to go down to get back through the mountain. The easiest way to get to Bon vivant is taking Chair 4 to Boomerang then Cake Walk to Chair 5 and the restaurant is right off Chair 5. Leaving Bon Vivant take Ophir Loop to Lower Boomerang to get back down to Chair 4 or the Gondola. I found these runs to be the easiest, but if you are more experienced there are some awesome Double Blue and Black runs to get there and from.

For more information about Telluride and Bon Vivant check out or call us today to book your next Telluride vacation.

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